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What on earth?

News 28 February 2013 by Debz

What is it about bottled water that floats your boat? The smooth purified taste, the layers and layers of filtering, the remote and exotic origin, or is it just the cool bottle and pop-up lid?

Borjomi has a better USP than most.

In general, mineral waters are drawn from a depth of around 100m, but Borjomi’s volcanic spring means it starts life much, much, much deeper than that.

8km below the Georgian countryside and under 6 different types of rock (and some water) is the source. To celebrate this, the brand created a unique consumer journey from the surface to the source. In doing so, they also made the world’s deepest site – a site literally as deep as the source itself. That’s a whole 8 kilometres of scrolling!

Scrolling through 8km of rock may sound quite dull, but in fairness it is very addictive. Whilst waiting for the rock to change from sandstone to granite, seeing messages pop-up to let you know you have scrolled the height of the Statue of Liberty, and keeping check of your speed, you get time to wonder what on earth (pardon the pun) you will find in the murky depths.

Well, seeing as I still have around 7’000m left to scroll through, I will be off. If you fancy checking it out and delving deep visit

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